Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship [September 2017]

Trinity College Dublin (DPCIA-CTIE-1P09)
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Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Business and Entrepreneurship

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Catherine O'Brien



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Trinity College Dublin

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About this Course

Trinity College Dublin are now offering a Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This programme offers participants the opportunity to develop their creative potential by acquiring a range of problem solving and lateral thinking skills. Students experience and engage in the innovation process through interacting with entrepreneurs, business leaders and industry mentors in an informal learning environment. Working within multidisciplinary teams, participants develop an entrepreneurial mindset and a clear understanding of the societal, social and economic value associated with innovation. Students engage in an-depth innovation project hosted by private or public enterprise. The central objective of the project is to assist students in applying their evolving understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship. This cross-fertilisation of disciplines yields true creativity and empowers students to design creative and implementable solutions to real world challenges faced by host organisations. As participants learn to communicate and interact with industry collaborators, they begin to appreciate the process involved in bringing an idea through to application. They develop and entrepreneurial mindset, increasing their value to potential employers and/or carefully positioning them to plan a venture of their own.


In today's workplace, companies require more from employees than simply knowledge and experience. While hard skills may get a potential candidate to the interview stage, they alone will not guarantee a person employment. However, combining these with specific "soft skills" can move an applicant from being a strong candidate to a potential co-worker. Likewise, a self-employed person must, in order to gain a competitive edge, know how to handle themselves in a work environment and in their dealings with customers and colleagues.

This programme offers participants the opportunity to develop the personal qualities of responsibility, sociability, self-management and integrity. Specifically participants develop the following soft skills essential to any employer:

Communication Skills: The ability to be articulate when speaking but also have the ability to listen.
Leadership: To acquire leadership and negotiation skills and to to be sensitive to cultural diversity. To lead as well as follow and to work to tight deadlines.
Adaptability: To be flexible enough to adapt and change in a dynamic work environment. To engage problem solving abilities to tackle real world challenges.
Teamwork: The ability to work well in dynamic group settings and exercise cooperation and compromise.
Integrity & Work Ethic: Maintaining a positive attitude and good work ethic.

Entry Requirements

Entry requires a NFQ Level 8 qualification. Other applicants may be considered in exceptional circumstances based on workplace experience.

Long Description

This Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship will facilitate Trinity's holistic approach to engaging and enabling Ireland's future entrepreneurs and innovators.Through the Academy's ongoing relationship with multinational companies based in Ireland, strategic relationships with employers and graduate career paths will be further developed. The programme will also ensure students acquire 21st century skills as outlined in the plan. This will happen through fostering relationships with industry and the entrepreneurship community and facilitating the development of core competencies in leadership, communication and teamwork. This programme will be supported by a range of startup and career development services both from within Trinity and from the wider ecosystem.

Timetable Info

This programme will run on a part time basis (Every Monday & Tuesday) over 18 weeks, starting in September.

Delivery Location

Trinity College Dublin

Delivery Notes

This programme will run on a part time basis (Every Monday & Tuesday) over 18 weeks.

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Catherine O'Brien


Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin
College Green
Dublin 2, Ireland


+353 1 896 4831


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You must apply online via

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As part of your application, you must upload a current CV and letter of motivation (1 page).

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