International Financial Services (Blended Learning) (Higher Diploma) [September 2017]

University of Limerick (17CTIFSE)
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Continuing & Professional Education,
University of Limerick,
Limerick, Ireland

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About this Course

The Higher Diploma in International Financial Services is designed as a conversion programme for non-finance graduates and will provide education and practical application of the skills required to provide investment management, asset and fund administration services for corporations, institutions and individuals worldwide.

The course will enable unemployed participants gain competitive advantage in the market place through the acquisition of knowledge in; financial services, principles of accounting and financial information analysis along with an 8 week placement.

Delivery will be on-campus during Semester one and in company and distance education in Semester two.

An industry learning experience (work placement) will form a key element of the programme, ensuring the integration of the various concepts in the portfolio of the participant.

Job readiness and support into employment will be provided through a series of workshops and seminars and an active engagement with motivated students to excel in the placement company.

The content will be delivered in semester one through an on campus immersion phase and in semester two through on-line blended learning and evening classes while participants undertake their Industry Learning Experience in Northern Trust (Limerick).

The programme is heavily influenced by the requirements of Northern Trust, as a leading provider of investment management, asset and fund administration services for corporations, institutions and individuals worldwide.

The programme will equip graduates with the skills and knowledge to take up employment in the growing group of international service providers in the mid-west region. Companies in this group include Northern Trust, Pepper and GECAS.


When students have completed this course they will be able to:

1. Demonstrate the process of collecting, measuring and recording the economic transactions of a business to facilitate financial reporting.

2. Argue the case for and against regulation of financial institutions and markets. Evaluate the efficiency of various financial markets including Money Markets, Bond Markets, Foreign Exchange Markets and Derivative markets.

3. Distinguish between the various financial markets. Analyse risk factors for financial institutions and describe how they may be mitigated. Synthesise market information to create a simple constructed product.

4. Discuss the various types of financial institutions and explores the function, typical activity and risk profile of each.

Entry Requirements

Applicants are normally expected to hold a primary honours degree, or equivalent and have at least 1 - 2 years of relevant industrial experience.

Alternative Entry Route:
Candidates who do not meet the minimum entry criteria may be interviewed to ascertain their suitability for the programme.The university of Limerick policy on the Recognition of Prior Learning will apply.

Applicants may be required to undertake an interview and satisfy the course admission team that they have the motivation and ability to complete and benefit from this course.
The course admission team will consist of University of Limerick academics involved in the programme and the supporting company hosting the industrial learning experience.

Education qualifications, work experience, motivation and overall potential to be successful on the programme are considered in evaluating an application.

Applicants maybe short listed for interview as part of the application process.

Applicants are required to meet the University of Limerick English Language requirements.

To be eligible for Springboard+ funding applicants must be resident in the state.

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International Financial Services (Higher Diploma)





Career Opportunities

The University of Limerick is continuously improving the Job Readiness component of its Springboard+ programmes. There is a strong focus on job readiness delivered through CA4003 CAREER DEVELOPMENT to keep participants in touch with the needs of industry and to assist them academically and psychologically by bolstering their confidence in their ability to gain employment.

The three elements of our job readiness programme are:

1. Professional development workshops to prepare learners with CV and career coaching, developing a LinkedIn/online presence, physical presentation and interviews skills.

2. Employer open days on campus and industry presentations on the nature of their company's/industry's activity in Ireland and future potential in the sector and employment growth opportunities in the region and nationally.

3. Development workshops to specifically address the confidence, motivation and psychological job readiness of the participant.

The Jobs Readiness elements are supported by the University of Limerick Co-Operative Education & Careers Division who delivery CA4003 CAREER DEVELOPMENT programme, and Continuing & Professional Education.

The University of Limerick received five QS Stars for Excellence in Employability in 2014 & 2015. We also have the highest employability rate of any Irish University and are bringing this expertise to bear on the support for employability for participants. UL won the Sunday Times University of the Year for 2015.

Timetable Info

The timetabled hours for this programme are approximately 16 hours per week this covers class attendance. Participants are also expected to spend as many hours again to study outside these times, complete class exercises, assignment work and prepare for exams.

During Semester One students will be required to attend UL campus as the timetable requires for on campus modules.

During Semester Two students will undertake two modules on campus in a blended learning mode AC4906 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY and MG4928 ORGANISATIONAL PERFORMANCE AND EFFECTIVENESS.
These modules are delivered to working adults over four sessions each of three and a half hours in duration per module.

As unemployed professional Springboard students are being offered an Industrial Learning Experience to successfully complete the programme modules, to gain experience of the International Financial Services Sector and strengthen their employability.

Delivery Location

Blended - On campus and Northern Trust

Delivery Notes

On campus and self study

Admissions Contact Details

Carmel O'Dwyer


Continuing & Professional Education,
University of Limerick,
Limerick, Ireland




Application Procedures

Stage 01: Apply on Springboard Courses to register your interest in taking this course at the University of Limerick.

Stage 02: Start the University of Limerick on-line application process and save it until you have all documentation ready.

UL Online Application System for International Financial Services (Higher Diploma)
(If you are prompted on the UL online application form to pay an application fee of €25, please select the “Pay by Cheque” option to waive this fee. Springboard applicants are exempt from fees.)

Stage 03: Gather the required documentation to support your application as detailed below. Support Documents required with your application:
§ Photo or Scanned original copy of your transcripts/college results. Graduates of UL need only provide us with their Student ID number. We can access their student transcripts using this number.
§ Photo or Scanned copy of passport to verify ID and full legal name.
§ Digital quality head and shoulders photograph to passport standards for your ID card.
§ Any other relevant documentation to support your application, such as a CV or professional certificates.
§ Applicants who do not have English as their first language must include the following additional documents with their application form:
•English translation of your qualification(s)/transcripts
•English language competency certificate
Applicants from non-English speaking countries are required to have a high level of competence in English.

These are compulsory documents and are required for enrolment at the University. It can take time to gather these documents so please do so prior to submitting your application.

Stage 04: Upload your documents and submit your application to the University of Limerick On-line Application System. Please note, your application will not be processed until all documentation is received.

Stage 05: The University of Limerick On-line Application System will make you an offer if you are successful.

Stage 06: Accept the University of Limerick On-line Application System Offer.

Stage 07: The Springboard Application System will offer you a place which you should accept to avail of free fees. If you do not you will be liable for fees of €6,500.

In order to avail of free fees you must provide written confirmation from your local Department of Social Welfare (DSP) office that you were in receipt of a Social Welfare payment at the time of application for this course.

*If you are not in receipt of a Social Welfare payment and you are in employment, you do not need to provide this letter.