Certificate in Quality Management, Tools and Techniques in Practice intake 2

Institute of Technology, Tralee (0520 Engineering and Engineering Trades)
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Mary Stritch




066 7191701


Lifelong Learning Department,
Institute of Technology Tralee, North Campus, Tralee, Co Kerry


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About this Course

This course is designed for persons who want to pursue a career in quality engineering and need to develop their knowledge and skills accordingly. The Forfás Report, Guidance for Higher Education Providers on Current and Future Skills Needs (2012), pinpoints the fields of manufacturing and general engineering as potential growth sectors for employment. The high technology manufacturing sector is particularly singled out as being critical to economic recovery.

Aligned to this growth potential is the identified need to increase efficiency through measures such as the implementation of lean manufacturing and quality assurance methods. Improved performance in these areas will not only enhance profitability but improve performance in areas such as international competitiveness and statutory compliance, items which are clearly identified as critical aspects of skills development within the report. The tools, techniques and skills addressed in this course can also transfer among several other areas of identified economic growth potential including green business, waste management and the food and beverage manufacturing sector. This course has been designed in consultation with industrial partners in the region associated with IT Tralee programmes in manufacturing engineering management, production engineering and mechanical and mechatronic engineering. Quality management skills and experience have been singled out as having high potential for upgrading among prospective and existing staff in order to produce gains for the companies.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must hold a level 6 higher certificate or equivalent qualification in a related area. The Institute's policy in relation to non-standard applicants also applies.

Long Description

The modules to be completed as part of this programme will include:

Quality Management and Lean Techniques
Statistics for Quality
Project 1
Quality Standards and Auditing
Six Sigma Tools
Project 2

Why Choose This Course

At IT Tralee we offer a range of courses across an array of subject areas at many different levels of academic study. The courses we provide offer you the opportunity to gain new qualifications to advance your career, or possibly to find a new interest and meet new people. The Institute is committed to providing a high quality and relevant education service to all our students on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere on campus is created by our students and staff. Our Student Services team offer a wide range of services to make sure that the transition to third level is as smooth as possible. The Institute also has a team of students who act as mentors for all newcomers each year. The Students' Union also provides help and advice via the elected student executive.

There is a great diversity of backgrounds and cultures among our student population at the ITT with over forty nationalities represented on campus. The Institute offers a wide range of sports clubs which cater for both competitive and recreational sport welcoming both the beginner and the accomplished athlete. Societies are run by students for the benefit of students. Societies are essential in creating a balance between the academic and social aspect of college life. Students can choose from over 30 clubs to get involved with. Finally, as a student at the Institute you can expect high quality teaching and learning that ensures your study is relevant, up to the minute and challenging.

Career Opportunities

On completion of this special purpose award, the graduate will be able to:

Select and utilise the most appropriate methodologies and lean techniques for planning, process improvement and problem solving, analysis and evaluation, based on sound evidence and be able to contribute to continuous improvement of products and processes;

Utilise Minitab to perform Statistical Process Control, Capability studies, Gauge R and R, Pareto;

Establish comprehensive reporting and analysis systems for measuring a company's quality performance and for management review;

Drive and implement company wide Corrective Action, Preventive Action (CAP) programmes/error proofing programmes, process and design FMEA;

Participate as a key member and leader of teams engaged in quality programmes;

Design and develop the necessary quality documentation, including manuals, procedures, quality plans, quality audit planning and documentation;

Apply both general management and project management principles and methods to quality improvement projects.

Timetable Info

This programme will be delivered online part-time.

Semester 1 will run from January 2018 to June 2018 and semester 2 will run from September 2018 to December 2018. Evenings and times to be confirmed.

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Mary Stritch


Lifelong Learning Department,
Institute of Technology Tralee, North Campus, Tralee, Co Kerry


(066) 7191701



Application Procedures

Apply on-line at www.springboardcourses.ie

All applicants must submit copies of previous relevant qualifications obtained.