What’s New to Springboard+ This Year?

Featured Info 2 days ago

For the first time ever, this year homemakers are eligible to apply for the Springboard+ programme! As well as homemakers, those in employment or self-employment who wish to upskill, reskill or cross skill in the Biopharma/Med Tech and ICT sectors are also eligible to participate in the Springboard+ programme. This addition to eligibility is to facilitate a specific emerging skills need within these sectors.

Participating in Springboard+ offers a chance for you to learn and accomplish your professional goals. Through the course you take with Springboard+, you’ll become better equipped to take on your career or begin a new chapter in a different career field.

There are over 6,400 places on offer across 198 courses through this year’s Springboard+ programme. Up and down Ireland, 42 higher education bodies will open their doors to Springboard+ participants on courses such as Computing with Data Analytics, Digital Media Design and International Financial Services. Here we take a closer look at some of the courses on offer this year as well as the course providers available to you.