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Claire Ryan and Steph Hutch - The Crate


In 2017, Claire Ryan and Steph Hutch undertook the Practical Entrepreneurship: Learn to Work for Yourself course at The Entrepreneurs Academy, through Springboard+. Here they tell us about their online flower business, how the Springboard+ course they took equipped them with essential business techniques and tips and how their mentor, through the course, provided them with invaluable expertise to move forward with their business.

“The Crate is an online Irish flower business offering beautifully designed wildflower-style bunches as well as a bespoke flower design service for events. Our order service minimises on choice, simplifying flower buying by offering only one floral bunch, in two sizes, at two price-points and with the offering changing weekly - therefore you never get the same flowers twice!

The flowers are locally sourced, where possible, using on-trend greenery and foliage alongside handpicked, seasonal fresh flowers.

We developed The Crate through a shared idea that we had. We’re childhood friends who have lived in London for years, travelled through Europe together and worked independently in the fashion and creative industries, and we decided to set up shop as a partnership after moving back to Dublin in 2016. We both share a love for flowers and design, and we spotted an opening in the Irish market for a business like ours, specialising in selectively curated flowers.

Our journey began in January 2017. After coming up with our business idea we started a 12 week Springboard+ programme course at The Entrepreneurs Academy in Smithfield. The course was in Practical Entrepreneurship and what we learned in our three months there was invaluable to starting a business. From idea generation to operational advice, finance and forecasting to understanding your target market, the advice offered was incredibly practical, made even more so by the fact that all of the course tutors are business owners themselves.

The Entrepreneurs Academy provided us with a business mentor who we caught up with regularly on a one to one basis. This was incredibly beneficial to us, being able to run our business ideas past someone with years of practical experience and to guide us on our next steps.

Another advantage we found with the course was the other participants on it. As everyone was either starting out in creating their business or in the early stages of setting up their business, the support everyone offered to each other was huge and we finished the course with a ready-made network of inspirational business owners in Ireland.

We would highly recommend the Practical Entrepreneurship: Learn to Work for Yourself course at The Entrepreneurs Academy to anyone who was thinking of starting their own business.

You can follow our journey with The Crate on Instagram here or like our Facebook page!”.

Claire Ryan and Steph Hutch

Practical Entrepreneurship: Learn to Work for Yourself, 2017

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