ICT Conversion Courses

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ICT Conversion Courses

Over the years Springboard has evolved from a focus purely on jobseekers to include courses for people in employment who are looking to upskill in the areas of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Reviews of the labour market have shown continuing evidence of skills gaps in the ICT sector, across a range of areas including software, cybersecurity, data analytics and more. As a result, demand for ICT conversion courses is very high and these courses have resulted in many success stories of their own.  (They’re also responsible for the + in Springboard+ for those of you who have ever wondered.)

Almost 75% of our ICT conversion graduates are back in employment within 3-6 months after graduation, with many hired while still doing their course!

One such success story is that of Dundalk Institute of Technology graduate Joe McMahon. Having previously completed a degree in Commerce at NUIG, Joe spent 6 months struggling to get a decent-paid job in his desired field. He knew that while he had good technical aptitudes, he needed some formal training and qualifications to sufficiently upskill and to get recognised for his expertise in this area. So Joe applied and secured a place on the Higher Diploma in Science in Computing ICT conversion course in DkIT.

“I was starting from zero technical experience and the course gave me a solid grounding in the fundamentals of IT and programming…” said Joe. “The course has impacted my career beyond recognition. When I was applying for jobs before this course in the business world, I was struggling to get anything and if I did get anything it would been very low paid and I would have been very disposable. Now it is the polar opposite. Since completing the course and having experience under my belt I am very employable, I am essentially turning down recruiters consistently!”

He explained that unlike other industries, the IT sector in Ireland is an employee’s market. “IT is the only industry that I am aware of, where the main issue for employers is getting the skilled staff. The standard of work, the job security and the wages in IT are truly fantastic.

It is important to note that the eligibility criteria for the ICT conversion courses are different to those for the regular Springboard part-time courses.

This year we also have two options for the ICT courses: A one year intensive full time course available to those who are employed or unemployed, or a two year part-time option for those in employment only.

A full list of the eligibility criteria can be found on our website here.

And of course if you have any questions about Springboard+ or your eligibility? Don’t hesitate to give us a call on freephone 1800 303 523.