Top tips for choosing the best Springboard+ course for you

Info 4 years ago

Top tips for choosing the best Springboard+ course for you


Participating in Springboard+ offers a chance for you to learn and accomplish your professional goals. Through the course you take with Springboard+, you’ll become better equipped to take on your career or begin a new chapter in a different career field.

But the course you take through Springboard+ is not just a course that leads you down a career path — they’re reflections of your interests, goals, and passions. It’s important to us that you choose the right course that fits your character and that will help you succeed.

We have some tips on how to make the most out of your Springboard+ experience and to help you get to where you want to go faster. It all begins with steps to choose the best course for you.

  1. Check out your options

Springboard+ offers 198 courses covering a range of industries including Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Entrepreneurship, and Marketing. Be sure to search through the full selection of available courses so you don’t miss out on any opportunities. Even if a course doesn’t particularly fit what you want initially, finding a different course may open up new interests in a subject you weren’t aware of before!

  1. Consider your goals, interests, skills, and personality

What brought you here? What’s the next step? What skills make you stand out? What’s your overall objective?

This part requires some self-reflection and self-awareness. To find out what course is the best for you and your improved career, you should learn more about your interests and strengths. Understanding these will help you succeed. Once you find out about your character, you’ll be able to match yourself to a course that reflects those qualities and interests.

  1. Research your career

Whether you’re a homemaker or a professional working to improve your skills through Springboard+, it’s important that you know what skills are in demand for the market you plan to break. Find out what skills you are missing and what the career you want entails. From researching this information, you’ll have a list of what you want to accomplish from whichever course that you enrol in.

Maeve Ahern O’Neil took part in the Springboard+ programme in 2014. Before she enrolled in digital humanities at University College Cork she researched the marketing field to realise what she was missing as a prospective employee. She found she lacked digital skills, such as experience in social media platforms. By taking her Springboard+ course and knowing what skills she was missing, she was able to jump back into marketing and specialise in personal branding. Read her story here.

  1. Trust your instincts and manage your fear

This is a big step, and showing interest in enrolling in the Springboard+ programme is big enough. You’ll learn and gain so much from taking one of the hundreds of courses offered to equip you with the tools to succeed in your career. Push that fear and anxiety about your abilities and work experience aside and remember that you will and can succeed.

  1. Apply!

The final and biggest piece of advice we can give you is to apply. You’ve done the research on your career, you’ve analysed your goals and interests, and you’ve taken the steps to prepare yourself. Now you can register for the course you’ve selected and continue your career plan!