Top tips for interview techniques

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Top tips for interview techniques

Following on from our Dublin and Cork Information Days, one of the frequently asked questions was about interviews and how to impress and nail that job!

Our careers counsellors have put together their top tips to improve your interview technique.

You and the job:

Before anyone gets to ask you any questions, you should ask yourself some first! Ask yourself if you can do the job, if you really want the job and if you are the best fit for the job and company. Once you are convinced, the next step is to convince everyone else!

Preparation is key:

It’s your job to know the job so get to know the company, research the industry, its competitors, the trends. Know the position; know the key questions to ask about it.

They want to know about you and your strengths. Prepare an answer to “tell me about yourself”

Play to your strengths and acknowledge your skills and competencies. In data collected by The Council for Industry and Higher Education, the top ten most important skills were outlined as follows:

1.    Communication skills
2.    Team-working  skills
3.    Integrity
4.    Intellectual ability
5.    Confidence
6.    Character/personality
7.    Planning & organisational skills
8.    Literacy (writing skills)
9.    Numeracy
10.    Analysis & decision making

Interestingly, 55% of the impact of a presentation is determined by body language, 38% your voice and only 7% by the content or words. So be engaged and be engaging, be interested and enthusiastic! You want that job!

Our counsellors can’t stress preparation enough so know your CV before going in to the interview. Be prepared to answer questions on it. Know how to apply competencies to the job your interviewing for and know why you want to work there.

In a competency based interview answer using the STAR technique:

The Situation in which it occurred
The Task
The Action you took
The Result (Review, Reflect)

And remember, nervous is normal. Everyone is nervous at interviews, so don’t stress about being stressed!