Skills that Worked for Me: Carl Manzor

Featured Info 3 days ago
The Springboard+ HCI Pillar 1 initiative provides free and subsidised higher education courses delivered by education providers across Ireland. We work closely with industry leaders to develop courses that provide the skills, knowledge and qualifications that are in demand in growing sectors across Ireland. You could be eligible for a free or subsidised course whether you’re currently employed and seeking to progress in your career; formerly self-employed or unemployed and keen to reskill to explore new opportunities; a graduate interested in gaining a sector specific qualification; or you’re looking to return to the workforce after a career break caring for family or loved ones. Wherever you’re starting from, a Springboard+ or HCI Pillar 1 course will provide the #SkillsThatWork for your future.  We sat down with past learner, Carl Manzor to discuss his experience.