At the launch of Springboard+ 2017, Killian Stokes and Oxana Sereda, who both previously participated in the programme and helped us to launch this year’s programme, chat to us about their experiences.

UCD Graduate Killian Stokes

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Killian Stokes took part in the Springboard+ programme in 2015 after returning to Ireland and seeking a career change. Here, he talks about his experience of Springboard+, the course he chose and its benefits, as well as how it has helped him to get where he is today.

What’s New to Springboard+ This Year?

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For the first time ever, this year homemakers are eligible to apply for the Springboard+ programme! As well as homemakers, those in employment or self-employment who wish to upskill, reskill or cross skill in the Biopharma/Med Tech and ICT sectors are also eligible to participate in the Springboard+ programme. This addition to eligibility is to facilitate a specific emerging skills need within these sectors.