Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Networks and Cybersecurity (Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Networks and Cybersecurity)

Institute of Technology, Carlow (TBC)
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South East Technological University Carlow Campus
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About this Course

This Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Networks and Cybersecurity incorporates essential digital skills in the form of programming and networking along with technical knowledge of control systems that aligns with the digitisation of manufacturing, which is evolving into the workplace of the future. The primary aim of the programme is to prepare engineering and technical graduates with the essential knowledge and skills needed in the drive towards Industry 4 and Automation within the manufacturing sector. Technical and engineering graduates will receive transversal skills such as programming that can be applied to a multitude of digital platforms and various systems.

This programme will incorporate a project that will require self-management and project leadership from the student under expert guidance. It is envisaged that this programme will allow engineering and technical staff to become automation and cyber security leaders within their company and with a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of advanced automation and ICS, be in a position to lead projects in this area.


To provide learners with knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

Industrial Control Systems: Overview of the architecture that includes automation systems and devices.
Advanced Industrial Automation: Smart-manufacturing developments, cobots, assembly lines, sensor and actuators.

Programming: Fundamental programming including data-structures, loops and conditionals leading to advanced programming, data-frames, databases, OOP, GUI, data visualisation.

Industrial Networking: Design, configure, test and install conventional wired and wireless LANs and WANs leading to advanced network skills, addressing schemes and planning, deterministic networks in ICS.

Cyber-security: Adapt existing frameworks and guidelines to identify threats and secure ICS.
Ethical hacking: Security testing and documentation of the security posture of the elements of an ICS.

Entry Requirements

Applicants require an NFQ Level 8 Award, or equivalent, for entry to this programme. Other applicants will be considered on an individual basis in accordance with the Institute policy on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). SETU Carlow reserve the right to require applicants to attend for interview to determine their suitability for the programme.

Long Description

While the terms Automation and Robotics have gained prominence in in recent years, infrastructure organisations such as water and power utilities as well as manufacturing lines have leveraged both automation and robotics to improve efficiency and drive down costs for many years.

Ireland's economic prosperity is now so deeply influenced by the world of technology and many organisations,both the indigenous and FDI, make use of automation and robotics, which have both made rapid improvements in their Industrial Control Systems (ICS) through the rollout of Industrial Networks and smart IoT sensor and actuator technologies.

The National Cyber Security Strategy 2019-2024 identified a time lag between industry and academia in fast moving sectors like Cybersecurity, and the need to ensure that graduates are leaving third level institutions with the requisite skills for the employment requirements in industry.

"There is not enough cyber security talent to help organisations to address the rising security challenges that they face and this position is forecasted to get worse for at least the next 5 years." (Larkin, 2019)

Many of the networking technologies deployed as part of ICS are insecure by inheritance as they pre-date the advent of both cyber-warfare and cyber-crime. Without proper planning and clear direction, implementing Industrial Networks and Cyber-security will quickly become problematic and the associated security programme must be tailored around the organisational objectives and desired security posture, yet adhere to commonly used, industry adopted standards for implementing Cyber-security.

The programme will develop each participants understanding of industrial networking concepts such as determinism, switching, routing, wireless networks and 5G New Radio (NR) for robotics as well as organisational control system vulnerabilities and develop techniques to defend critical infrastructure systems from cyber threats.

Larkin, P. (2019). Securing Ireland’s digital future: A new and expanded national cyber security strategy.

Why Choose This Course

This programme incorporates the essential digital skills, programming, networking along with technical knowledge of control systems that aligns with the rapid digitisation of industry. Graduates will develop the essential knowledge and skills required as part of the drive towards Industry 4 and automation within the manufacturing sector. This is of particular importance to companies that are modifying their environment to become more competitive but do not have the automation specialists and technical team.

Career Opportunities

This programme offers graduates transversal skills that can be applied to a multitude of digital platforms and various systems. These additional skills will make the graduate a more valuable engineer and one that can be looked to as a technical leader within their organisation.

Timetable Info

The programme will be approximately 12 hours of contact class time during the day.

Delivery Location

South East Technological University Carlow Campus

Delivery Notes

The programme will incorporate a combination of practice and theory with strong industry application.

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Caroline Whittle


Postgraduate Applications
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South East Technological University Carlow Campus
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RPL Information

Applicants can apply for a Recognition of Prior Learning by contacting the university for an application form.

Application Procedures

Apply through Springboard HCI Pillar 1