Certificate in Culinary Skills

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Certificate in Culinary Skills

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Killybegs Campus, Killybegs, Co Donegal

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About this Course

This proposal is a consortium proposal led by LYIT, in conjunction with Athlone IT, MTU Cork, Dundalk IT, Galway/Mayo IT, Limerick IT, MTU Kerry and Waterford IT.

The aim of this programme is to provide learners with the knowledge, skills, and competence necessary for a career in a professional cookery environment. Learners will be provided with the essential practical skills and knowledge required of modern-day professionals working in kitchen environments.

Key Features:

This one-year part-time programme combines college-based education in culinary operations with work-based learning in industry. The primary focus of the programme is to prepare graduates for a variety of roles in food preparation in food retail outlets including delicatessens, gastro pubs, catering outlets and restaurants.

On successful completion of this programme learners will have the ability to:

Describe the organisation, marketing, costing, and control elements of running a professional kitchen
Apply scientific principles, technologies, and systems to operating a professional kitchen
Manage the implementation of food control, food cost, portion, and quality control in a professional kitchen

Demonstrate a wide range of precision technical culinary skills to produce a variety of classical and contemporary dishes
Apply and adapt nutritional knowledge to creative food production and menu planning
Analyse appropriate styles of food and beverage service

Explain the role of gastronomy in the development of culinary arts
Operate computer software and systems relevant to the culinary arts
Evaluate a range of knowledge, skills, and competencies to design, organise, serve and evaluate a meal experience.
Apply relevant provisions of legislation and regulation relevant to the hospitality business, including health and safety at work legislation, food safety legislation and the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).
Identify key academic and independent learning skills appropriate to the hospitality industry.

Entry Requirements

The minimum entry requirements for the Certificate in Culinary Skills is 5 O6/H7 in the Leaving Certificate or QQI FET Level 5, or equivalent qualification.
Candidates who do not meet the above entry requirements may be admitted to the programme on the grounds of mature years (23 years old on or before 1 January in the proposed year of entry) if they are deemed to have attained appropriate education and experience.

Long Description

If you have a strong passion and interest in food, then this culinary arts course is for you. This course is best suited to students who already have acquired a minimum amount of culinary education and/or culinary experience and are interested in making a professional career for themselves in the hospitality industry. The course is very dynamic and hands on, which combines theory and practical subjects to equip you for the world of cooking. The hospitality industry is one that is evolving all the time and is very rewarding. This programme will prepare you to work as a professional chef in the tourism and hospitality sector. The aim of the programme is to provide learners with the knowledge and advanced skills and competencies necessary for a successful and progressive career in the culinary arts sector. Learners will be taught essential practical skills underpinned with the academic knowledge required of a modern-day professional chef. Each class will teach you specific skills, beginning with basic ingredient identification. Our culinary arts lecturers will help you train your senses, guiding you through an incredible range of tastes and flavours from herbs and condiments to vegetables and meats. Your progression will continue through the development of culinary techniques such as knife skills, cooking processes, pastry and baking, larder and restaurant service. Most of the culinary experience will be on classical French cuisine, however you will get to prepare food from around the world, including Spanish, Greek, Chinese, American and Italian cuisine. Your practical classes will be backed up with theory, for example, food safety and hygiene, menu planning and nutrition.

Key Features
Level 6 programme.
Designed in collaboration with industry.
Focused on development of skills and competencies.
in the specific area of culinary skills.
Includes a work placement.
Personal and supportive approach to teaching and

Timetable Info

This is a part-time course that will be delivered with a blended learning approach. This course will take place during the day for approximately 16 hours per week (over 2 days). The course will commence on the 26th of September 2022.

Course brochure can be found at: https://www.lyit.ie/Study-at-ATU-Donegal/Find-a-course/Springboard-Courses

Delivery Location

ATU, Killybegs Campus, Killybegs, Co Donegal.

Delivery Notes

The expected contact hours per week are approximately 16 hours (over 2 days on campus).

Killybegs Campus, Co Donegal.

Application Procedures

Applications can be made via the Springboard website www.springboardcourses.ie. All applicants are required to
provide a copy of their:
A copy of their highest education qualification certificate
Documentary evidence of their eligibility for Springboard including residency (i.e. that they have been ordinarily resident in Ireland or the state
EEA/EU/UK/Switzerland for 3 out of the last 5 years).

Eligibility criteria for Springboard is available on the Springboard website at https://springboardcourses.ie/eligibility.