Higher Diploma in Data Analytics [1 year Full-time]

Maynooth University (TBC)
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HDip Data Science

NFQ Level

8 About NFQ

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Classroom - Daytime


Full Time

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Mathematics and Statistics

Skills Area

Information and communication (including ICT)

General Information

Dr Catherine Hurley




(01) 708 3914


Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Logic House,
Maynooth University


Course director, senior lecturer in Statistics

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About this Course

In recent years the falling cost of digital storage, the increasing move towards online information processing and other
related technological developments have made it possible to collect massive amounts of data about natural phenomena
(e.g. the climate, DNA) and human behaviour (e.g. social studies, business customers, clients, users and associated
processes). Data analytics/science is the science of extracting insight from large amounts of raw data in order to enable
better understanding of the processes that created it and so help in analysis, theory exploration and decision making.
Similar techniques can be applied in the natural science, social science and business domains.

This inter-disciplinary course is designed for students with a level 8 degree in any relevant subject to give them the
knowledge and skills to collect, process, analyse and visualise data in order to extract useful information, explore
statistical patterns, test hypotheses, and understand the implications of models.

Students will gain skills in programming, statistics and databases, followed by an advanced module on statistical machine
learning. The course includes material on the social and ethical consequences of the use of data and the implications for
business and government. A case study module highlights the use of data analytics in applications such as crime pattern
analysis, house price prediction, modelling of epidemics and the analysis of textual data. A capstone project requires
students to implement their acquired knowledge in a practical real-world application. The course has strong links with
industry and includes a guest lecture series with a range of speakers from companies renowned for driving advances in
data analytics in their respective industries.

Entry Requirements

A level 8 degree in any subject with some mathematical content.

Why Choose This Course

The Higher Diploma in Data Analytics is a one-year full-time programme for students who already have a level 8 qualification in a subject other than computer science or statistics. No previous knowledge of computing or statistics is required, but some university level mathematics is required. Students will learn how to deal with the increasing quantities of data available in today’s world. They will gain skills in programming, statistics and databases, explore case studies and complete a significant data analytics project. Placement preparation is also provided.

Career Opportunities

In partnership with the Placement office and the Careers Development Centre on campus, the programme includes preparation for placement including CV writing, interview skills, team project work, project management and evaluation.

The Data Analytics jobs market is expanding in Ireland. Jobs are available in any industry or sector that collects data, ranging from IT, to Healthcare, Finance, Food science and Travel.

Delivery Location

Maynooth University

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Admissions Contact Details

Dr Katarina Domijan


Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Logic House, South Campus, Maynooth University, Maynooth, Co. Kildare


(01) 708 3914



RPL Information

Maynooth University has mechanisms to allow entry to applicants who do not meet the normal requirements, but who are, for other reasons, deserving of admission. Admission may be based on the applicants experience or other non- accredited learning. Other applicants with educational qualifications close in equivalence to the expected requirements may also be admitted.

Application Procedures

To complete your online application, you must upload a copy of the parchment and the transcript of your degree, if this was taken at a university other than Maynooth University. Note: the parchment is the degree cert and shows the date of conferral, while the transcript shows the grade achieved (broken down by the grade achieved in each module in each year).

Applicants must be available to start the course on 3rd September 2018.