Diploma in Full Stack Software Development [January 2019]

Code Institute (CI-SBFS)
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Code Institute Diploma In Software Development

NFQ Level

6 About NFQ

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Part Time

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Web Application Development

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Information and communication (including ICT)

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Mark O'Connor




00353 1 556 3338


Code Institute,
Block 8,
Blackrock Business Park,
Carysfort Avenue,
Co. Dublin


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About this Course

Who is this course for?
You don’t need developer experience. If you’re passionate about technology and dedicated enough to learn – then this course for you.

This programme is all about getting back as much as you put in. We give you the tools and the framework – all you need is commitment.

Code Institute is the only Coding Bootcamp in Ireland. Coding Bootcamps are a new way of teaching software development with the goal of helping students change career in as short a time period as possible.

Successful Graduates will receive:

A globally recognised Diploma in Software Development
A portfolio packed with the latest skills and technologies employers are looking for in new hires
Work placement and career support provided by our partners Fast Track to IT (FIT)
Personal access to a dedicated mentor to hep you complete the course
24 hour access to a mentor monitored online community where discussion and questions around course content take place.


Students are required to complete 5 projects. A portfolio of work enables graduates to demonstrate their practical skills in absence of previous work experience. This is a critical component for those transitioning into the ICT industry and a basic requirement of the tech hiring process.

On successful completion students are awarded a Diploma in Full Stack Software Development, credit rated by Edinburgh Napier University (http://scqf.org.uk/the-framework/search-database/programme/?c=311503). Code Institute is the only university credit-rated coding bootcamp in Europe. This qualification meets the NFQ Level 6 requirements.

Entry Requirements

Code Institute has devised an initial coding assessment, comprised of 10 challenges to determine an applicant’s technical ability. Real-time progress tracking is available to ensure fast and efficient processing of applicants. A minimum grade of 70% is required for applicants to progress to the next stage of the screening process. An intensive phone consultation is conducted with applicants to ensure all above criteria are met and Code Institute is satisfied with the fit of the applicant to the course.

Due to the technical nature of the course, Code Institute has developed a rigorous screening process for all applicants to ensure the best allocation and use of available funding.
Applicants are assessed in 3 areas by experienced Education Advisors and all requirements must be met in order to qualify for entry to the course.

Aptitude - Does the applicant have the technical ability to undertake the course content? Does the applicant possess problem-solving & logical thinking/reasoning skills?

Motivation - Has the applicant given due thought to their career progression and conducted appropriate research into the specific field/industry?

Capacity - Does the applicant have the study time available to complete the course in the required timeframe? Has the applicant demonstrated their ability to successfully undertake an education training program previously? Does the applicant have the required English literacy skills to pursue the course (For non-native English speakers, proof of a minimum of IETLS level 6.0 or equivalent is required)?

Long Description

Code Institute focuses on providing students with job-ready, university credit-rated, project-led software development skills. Working in partnership with our IAC (Industry Advisory Council), we have developed a world-class curriculum, learning environment and student support system; preparing students for immediate entry into an ICT job.

Our IAC is comprised of representatives from tech companies such as Microsoft, Red Hat, PayPal and Accenture. Continual consultation and review by our IAC ensures that our course curriculum is focussed on industry relevant & in-demand technologies so that students are fully equipped with the necessary skills to get hired.

Based on the advice of the IAC, our curriculum provides students with a complete “Full-Stack” software development suite of skills. Students gain skills in Front-End development (how an application looks and interacts with the end user), Back-End development (the logic behind how an application works and incorporates data) and Full Stack development (connecting all elements together). Candidates that possess Full Stack software development skills are highly sought after and have a competitive edge over those limited to one area. In addition to this, Python was chosen as our core Back-End language as it has multiple applications across software development disciplines including web development, fintech and data science. Therefore, there are increased job opportunities for software developers with Python experience.

Delivery Location

Online - Our mentors hail from all over the world, so you will be able to select a mentor to meet you at times that suit you best. All mentor meetings happen online.

You will also be able to access the course content at any time through our online platform.

Delivery Notes

*Will I Achieve the same Results Online as I Would in Class?

Yes! We assign you a mentor to work with you throughout the programme and help solve issues you may be having. Whether you choose to study online or in class you will be learning the exact same skills and technologies as the classroom bootcamp.

Our course allows you the complete flexibility to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

You will also be part of our online community, where you can discuss development with fellow online students and help each other just as any classmates would.

*How do you support online students?

We support our mentored online students in three ways:

1) We pair you with an industry expert to act as your mentor throughout the online bootcamp. If you ever have a question or need help with a difficult coding problem, your mentor acts as a guide.

2) We monitor your progress through Code Institute’s learning management system closely – this combined with weekly mentor-reports means we can flag problems early and help you work through them. We’ll help you remain accountable and give you a boost when you need one.

3) Finally, through Code Institute’s community you’ll have access to fellow students who will help you stay on track and focused.

*What's Code Institute's Online Training Format?

Through extensive testing, we found that a mix of text, video, practical exercises and other types of mixed media was the optimised method of learning.

The course-format is now a comprehensive variety of mixed-media with throughout your learning journey. This format increases the speed at which students work through course content.

Admissions Contact Details

Mark O'Connor


Code Institute,
Block 8,
Blackrock Business Park,
Carysfort Avenue,
Co. Dublin



Application Procedures

Apply on springboardcourses.ie.

Applicants will then be asked to complete ten basic coding challenges to test their suitability for the course.

Once the ten challenges are complete, a Code Institute Education Advisors will be in touch to assess your eligibility for the course and start the onboarding process.

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