Higher Diploma in Arts in Digital Media Design (Intake 2 Wicklow Campus)

Institute of Technology, Carlow (CW-HKDMD-H)
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Elaina O'Flaherty






Wicklow County Campus
Clermont House
Co Wicklow



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About this Course

Digital media takes its roots from graphic design, where messages are translated into a captivating experience, using an array of communication forms. Students will create projects in graphic design (typography, illustration, branding, packaging and advertising) and digital media (websites,
animation and interactive design).


The main aim of this programme is to facilitate the transformation of the novice student into a creative practitioner in digital media design. The programme provides an integrated learning environment (studio) that encourages creativity, innovation, self-assessment and discussion. Learning and assessment is through “real world” practices, which involve setting project briefs in a project/problem-based learning environment.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must currently hold a Level 8 degree. Applications not covered under the above criteria will be considered on an individual basis, through submission of a portfolio of prior work or by an RPL procedure in accordance with the IT Carlow Recognition of Prior Learning Policy. All applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis. IT Carlow reserves the right to require applicants to attend for interview to determine their suitability for the programme.

Long Description

This course provides an opportunity for students to study for a Higher Diploma in Digital Media Design.

Digital media takes its roots from graphic design. Students will create projects in design (graphic design, illustration, branding and advertising), digital media (websites, applications for mobile devices, games) and moving image (video and animation).

Digital media design is a growth area, requiring skilled graduates with creative skill and technical and business knowledge. This need was highlighted through a Forfas Report on Future Skills Requirements of the International Digital Media Industry:

As high bandwidth digital technologies,….become increasingly pervasive around the globe, they will fuel an insatiable demand for high quality content that can be delivered to users over these channels.
This content will span entertainment, information, education and business applications, as well as novel applications that we cannot even envisage at present. Consequently there are huge opportunities for a country which can position itself at the nexus of the creative arts and digital technology.

The programme is structured around studio practice, where students will combine learning from digital media, business, and professional practice streams in solving problems presented in studio briefs and through working on in-company projects. The studio work aims to encourage discussion, innovation and creativity while the in-company projects facilitate the learners introduction into working in a design environment in a company.

The aim of the programme is the development of key skills in creative problem solving, design principles and practices, project management, communication and collaboration, technical design skills, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities include:
• Digital Media Designer
• Graphic Designer
• UX/UI Designer
• Web Designer
• Animation
• Interactive and Multi-media Design
• Mobile Media Technologies.

Timetable Info

(7-10pm – 2 nights per week in one term
and 3 nights per week in the other with some Saturdays (indicative)

Delivery Location

Wicklow County Campus
Clermont House
Co Wicklow

Delivery Notes

In class

Application Procedures

Apply online at www.springboardcourses.ie
To complete your application process you must email Springboard@itcarlow.ie with the following
(1) A scanned copy of your EU Passport, or a scanned copy of your non-EU Passport with a copy of your Stamp 4 visa. You are not required to provide a copy of your Public Services Card to verify ID.
(2) A copy of your Curriculum Vitae.
(3) A copy of your Level 7 Degree/ Major Award or highest other qualification. Translated if not in English
(4) A scanned copy of a recent payslip if employed showing your PPSN, or a scanned copy of a recent payment slip if in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance/ benefit, or a copy of a recent Bank Statement showing receipt of a different, eligible, Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection, or a letter from your Accountant confirming that are Self-employed, or an Affidavit signed by you and the appropriate third-party confirming that you are a Homemaker. When sending jpgs they must be attachments to your email, -not jpgs within emails.