Higher Diploma in Science in Computing – Part Time (Over 12/ 18/ 24 months)

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (Higher Diploma in Science in Computing [2 Years])
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Peter Butler




(091) 742328


Peter Butler
Graduate & Professional Development
Galway Mayo Institute of Technology
Dublin Road

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About this Course

The Higher Diploma in Science in Computing is an Honours Degree level graduate conversion programme in the discipline of Software Development. This programme is tailored to graduates from non-computing backgrounds and will equip them with the skills and knowledge to start a career in the software and IT industry. The programme is delivered 100% online and is now available as a two year part-time programme for those in work wishing to commence or reorient a career in the ICT sector.

Entry Requirements

A Level 8 qualification under the National Framework of Qualifications or equivalent (see www.qqi.ie) in any discipline. Applicants will be ranked in terms of academic merit the last working day of each month and offers of places made to those with minimum academic requirements in order of academic merit. If all available places are not filled by applicants holding a Level 8 qualification will be evaluated.

Long Description

What type of Graduates previously took this course:
Civil engineers, Architects, Sales Managers, Production Managers, Electronic Engineers, Marketing & Language Graduates, Graphic Designers, Architectural Technicians, Accountants, Consultant Engineer, Site Engineer, Surveyor, Test Engineer, Product Engineer, Primary Teacher, Mechanical Engineer.

There are multiple options - full-time and part-time - as follows (60 taught credits required in all cases):

Full-time Mode: (January – December 2020):
Semester 1: 30 credits]
Semester 2: 30 credits]

Part-time Mode: (January 2020 – May 2021):
Semester 1 (Jan - May 2020): 20 credits
Semester 2 (Sep - Dec 2020): 20 credits
Semester 3 (Jan - May 2021): 20 credits

Part-time Mode: (January 2020 –December 2021):
Semester 1 (Jan - May 2020): 15 credits
Semester 2 (Sep - Dec 2020): 15 credits
Semester 3 (Jan - May 2021): 15 credits
Semester 2 (Sep - Dec 2021): 15 credits

- Object Oriented Software Development (10 credits)
- Advanced Object Oriented Software Development (10 credits))
- Agile Software Development (5 credits
- Computational Thinking with Algorithms (5 credits)
- Computer Architecture & Technology Convergence (5 credits)
- Database Design & Development (5 credits)
- Mobile Applications Development (5 credits)
- Network Technologies (5 credits)
- Operating System & Cloud Computing (5 credits)
- Web Applications Development (5 credits)

Delivery Mode: Fully Online. It is anticipated that a number of optional on campus workshops at GMIT, Galway will take place each term; approximately once per term, typically on a Friday afternoon.

Department of Education & Skills: - You must have a full NFQ Level 8 Honours Degree (or equivalent if earned outside the EU, see www.qqq.ie). RPL applications will be considered form those holding a Level 7 who have significant working experience which would match the learning outcomes of a Level 8.

Department of Social Protection. If you are unemployed you can undertake either the 12 months or 18 month version of this course without paying any fees. If you are unemployed and wish to undertake the 12 month version of the course, you must be in receipt of Back To Education Allowance. To qualify for Back to Education Allowance you must be in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance/ Benefit for at least nine of the previous twelve months. Unemployed people in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance/ Benefit are NOT permitted to undertake the 18 month version of the course, but unemployed people in receipt of One Parent Family or Disability Allowance are permitted to undertake the 18 month version of the course. Applicants who are previously self-employed and/or signing for social welfare credits are eligible to apply but are not eligible for a payment under the BTEA scheme. See https://springboardcourses.ie/eligibility

Requirements: Each student must have a PC and / or laptop, and a reliable internet connection. Minimum machine specification will be advised in advance (specification is not excessive). No software purchases are necessary for participation in this programme.

Timetable Info

Full online and recorded lectures. Continuous assessments (no need to attend GMIT)

Delivery Location

Full online

Admissions Contact Details
Contact Person

Peter Butler


Peter Butler
Graduate & Professional Development
Galway Mayo Institute of Technology
Dublin Road


(091) 742328



Application Procedures

1. Apply for the course on www.springboardcourses.ie
2. Email a copy of your highest qualification to date (showing 1.1/2.2/2.2 result if a Level 8 qualification or email a transcript of results), a copy of your Passport/ National ID Card, a copy of a employers recent payslip or Jobseekers payslip and a copy of a document showing your name and address to peter.butler@gmit.ie. You are not required to provide a copy of your Public Services Card to verify ID.
3. Applications received each week will be evaluated and places offered until the course is full.