Diploma in Full Stack Software Development (January 2020)

Code Institute (CI-January 2020)
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Code Institute Diploma In Software Development

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Ciara Browne




01 539 4937


Code Institute,
Blackrock Business Park,
Carysfort Avenue,
Co. Dublin


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About this Course

*Please note all places for the January 2020 cohort have now been filled.*

Code Institute’s Diploma in Full Stack Software Development is the only university credit rated coding bootcamp in Europe.

Our world-class learning platform is built on the edX platform developed by Harvard and MIT. The content combines a validated educational pedagogy with an industry-led syllabus, our software development program is always based on the most currently employable set of competencies and tools.

Personalised, world-class support is provided to students based on a continuous measurement of the competencies that they are gaining and the difficulties they are facing.

Graduates emerge with a portfolio of 4 industry-grade projects, demonstrating job-readiness to employers.

Entry Requirements

As the course is quite technical in nature we developed a rigorous screening process for all applicants to ensure the best allocation and use of available funding. The application process is broken into three stages:

1. Coding Challenges

2. Phone Interview

3. Submission of Personal Statement

*Coding Challenges*
Code Institute has devised an initial coding assessment, comprised of 10 challenges to determine an applicant's technical ability. Real-time progress tracking is available to ensure fast and efficient processing of applicants. Applicants must successfully complete and submit all 10 challenges in order to progress to the next stage of the screening process.

*Phone Interview*
An intensive phone consultation is conducted with applicants to ensure all above criteria are met and Code Institute is satisfied with the fit of the applicant to the course. Our experienced Education Advisor will assess applicants in 3 areas, all requirements must be met in order to qualify for entry to the course.

Aptitude - Does the applicant have the technical ability to undertake the course content? Does the applicant possess problem-solving & logical thinking/reasoning skills?

Motivation - Has the applicant given due thought to their career progression and conducted appropriate research into the specific field/industry?

Capacity - Does the applicant have the study time available to complete the course in the required timeframe? Has the applicant demonstrated their ability to successfully undertake an education training program previously? Does the applicant have the required English literacy skills to pursue the course (For non-native English speakers, proof of a minimum of IETLS level 6.0 or equivalent is required)?

*Submission of Personal Statement*
A 500-word statement outlining why the applicant would like to complete the course, the outcomes the applicant is hoping to achieve and the career path the applicant would like to follow once graduated.

Long Description

To date, over 2,000 people in 25 countries have studied for a Code Institute qualification, making ours one of the most widely taught professional career changing certifications in Software Development. This success is built on an industry and academically validated syllabus, with a 'Code First' approach.

Based on the advice of our Industry Advisory Council (IAC), our curriculum provides students with a complete Full-Stack software development suite of skills. Students gain skills in Front-End Development (how an application looks and interacts with the end user), Back-End Development (the logic behind how an application works and incorporates data) and Full Stack Development (connecting all elements together). Candidates that possess Full Stack software development skills are highly sought after and have a competitive edge over those limited to one area. In addition to this, Python was chosen as our core Back-End language as it has multiple applications across software development disciplines including web development, fintech, gaming and data science. Therefore, there are increased job opportunities for software developers with Python experience.

Students are required to complete 4 milestone projects. A portfolio of work enables graduates to demonstrate their practical skills in absence of previous work experience. This is a critical component for those transitioning into the ICT industry and a basic requirement of the tech hiring process. The project-based qualification provides students with vital soft skills in preparation for entering the workforce - such as problem-solving, effective communication, teamwork and time planning.

Based on our excellent understanding of student journeys, Code Institute provides students with support via: in-house Learning Success tutors, a 1:1 relationship with an industry mentor, and a peer community chat system.

As students approach the end of the course, Code Institute provides support regarding career navigation, including: guidance on how to market and present themselves in an effective manner, preparation for general and technical interviews, mentor sessions and frequent webinars with employers and industry leaders.

Code Institute's Diploma in Full Stack Software Development has the unique distinction of being the only skills-based course of its kind to bear a university credit rating. Credit rated by Napier University, it maps onto the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and is credit-bearing in the United States through the HLC, the SACS, and the MSCHE. It is also approved by the Ministry of Education in Ontario, Canada and the Ministry of Communications and Information in Singapore, as Governments in both countries attempt to bridge local digital skills shortages. These recognitions validate our educational pedagogy – with structured learning outcomes, and fit-for-purpose content and assessment criteria.

Here is a quick overview from our Programme Director, Brian O'Grady. Viewed by over 200,000 people worldwide, in the last two months.


Career Opportunities

We focus on helping students set and achieve career goals, offering the tools and support required to find the right job for them. Students on the course avail of:
- A dedicated careers toolkit designed to help students master their personal marketing materials (e.g. CV, LinkedIn, Portfolio)
- Guidance on how to unlock job opportunities in the hidden jobs market
- Simulated interviews, helping students to prepare for technical and non-technical questions and challenges
- 1:1 career guidance and mentorship from an industry expert. The student / mentor relationship is leveraged to help students define and realise their career goals
- Peer support from fellow students and motivational material sharing success stories of past graduates.
- We have recently released phase one of our Employer Ecosystem product suite. The goal of the suite is to connect students with potential employers from an early stage within the program.
- On an opt-in basis, students will engage with potential employers and collaborators so that both parties can track progress, aptitudes and area strengths that map to particular employment needs.This will provide a rich and detailed view of the potential graduate long before initial interview sessions.

Delivery Location

Online - Our mentors hail from all over the world, so you will be able to select a mentor to meet you at times that suit you best. All mentor meetings happen online.

You will also be able to access the course content at any time through our online platform.

Delivery Notes

*How do you support online students?

We support our mentored online students in four ways:

1) All students will get access to our Student Care Team who welcome the student to the course, introduce them to the learning management system and to the other support mechanisms (tutor, mentor and Slack).

2) All students will get access to our Tutoring Team. The Tutoring Team help students with any technical comprehension issues they have as they are going through the course content. Tutors can be contacted via the Learning Management System, via instant message or video chat.

3) All students will receive a dedicated mentor who will help them as they are working through their projects. The mentors are experienced full-time tech staff working for Fortune 500 companies.

4) All students will be encouraged to use our peer-to-peer learning environment via Slack. This is a great place to chat to other Code Institute students, network, discuss concepts and help each other through the course content.

*What's Code Institute's Online Training Format?

Our world class learning platform is built on the edX platform developed by Harvard and MIT. The content combines a validated educational pedagogy with an industry-led syllabus, our software development program is always based on the most currently employable set of competencies and tools.

Admissions Contact Details
Contact Person

Ciara Browne


Code Institute,
Blackrock Business Park,
Carysfort Avenue,
Co. Dublin


01 539 4937



Application Procedures

Apply on springboardcourses.ie.

Applicants will then be asked to complete 10 basic coding challenges to test their suitability for the course.

Once the ten challenges are complete, Code Institute Education Advisors will be in touch to assess your eligibility for the course and, if successful. start the onboarding process.

Please note places are limited and in high demand so we operate on a first come, first-served basis. As such, places may be filled prior to the application deadline date.

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