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Postgraduate Certificate in BIM Technologies

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School of Multidisciplinary Technologies

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About this Course

2021 The Postgraduate Certificate in BIM Technologies is a one-year part-time re-skilling programme for construction professionals.
The programme builds on the discipline-specific knowledge of individuals and enables upskilling or facilitates a return to employment for individuals who are not yet experienced in the new construction paradigm of collaborative BIM.

The primary philosophy of the programme is that of breaking down barries between construction disciplines and, via project- and task-based learning, of enabling professionals to work within a multidisciplinary, collaborative design and management process, based on international standards and associated professional guidance.

The programme is open to professionally-qualified architects, engineers, surveyors, technologists, and construction managers who have some basic level BIM knowledge.


At the end of this programme graduates will:
1. Possess a thorough understanding of the theoretical principles underpinning a wide range of current BIM technologies and processes
2. Have access to the principal sources of development in knowledge, research and methods across a range of BIM-related fields. Lean & Digital Construction Collaboration
3. Have detailed knowledge of a specialist domain relevant to BIM and how it is being and will be impacted upon by current and near-future developments
4. Understand the impact of BIM technologies and processes on other domains and on working practices that affect a range of domains
5. Demonstrate advanced skills in the usage of BIM technologies for routine and complex tasks
6. Understand the roles of domain-specific skills in the broader skill set required for successful BIM implementation at an implementation level
7. Be up-to-date in reviewing, through literature and professional development, the work of others and state-of-the-art in the BIM area.
8. Be capable of selecting appropriate BIM technologies and methods for domain-specific and cross-domain tasks
9. Exercise appropriate judgement in the selection of BIM technologies and interchange standards for completion of project planning and execution tasks
10. Provide reasoned advice in the context of small- to medium-scale BIM project to clients and other interested parties
11. Evaluate the performance of BIM projects and assess their compliance with specifications and standards
12. Source and evaluate and recommend new theories, practices and systems appropriate to domain-specific BIM with due regard to collaborative BIM processes
13. Lead domain-specific teams in the execution of tasks in contribution to large, complex BIM projects
14. Execute domain-specific BIM tasks taking full responsibility for quality assurance and appropriate delivery of content
15. Advise team members on the execution of BIM processes
16. Evaluate weaknesses in his/her knowledge and skills by critical evaluation of project performance and by keeping up-to-date with relevant published material
17. Be eligible to apply for membership of professional and academic bodies in order to maintain scholarship and professional development
18. Be capable of undertaking self-directed learning with the objective of updating knowledge and skills.
19. Be aware of his/her strengths and limitations in terms of own knowledge and an ability to work with others
20. Possess an appreciation of the beneficial and detrimental effects that BIM processes may contribute to in relation to the public good, the landscape, and the environment.

Entry Requirements

A 2.2 classification level 8 qualification in an AEC-related discipline
A level 7 qualification in an AEC-related discipline plus 5 years of relevant (as appraised by Recognition of Prior Learning) experience
or equivalent RPL as defined by TU Dublin's (DIT) RPL policy. This may include presentation of a portfolio of work and/or interview.

Non-native English speakers will be required to produce evidence of their English capabilities according to TU Dublin's English Language Requirements policies:

In exceptional cases, English language assessments may be possible.

Long Description

The 2021 Postgraduate Certificate in BIM Technologies is a one-year part-time re-skilling programme which addresses a significant market deficit for construction professionals by providing them with the ability to use BIM technologies in a multidisciplinary collaborative design and management process. It is open to professionally-qualified architects, engineers, surveyors, technologists, and construction managers who have some basic level BIM knowledge. The programme aims to upskill or facilitate a return to employment for individuals who are not yet experienced in the new construction paradigm of collaborative BIM.

The programme is set at Level 9 in the National Framework of Qualifications and aims to provide graduates of building and infrastructure design and construction-related programmes with a safe, educational setting in which to develop an ability to use BIM technologies for design, construction and collaboration. There is a strong focus in the programme on improving the productivity of the construction sector through better multidisciplinary co-ordination, through digital transformation, and through the application of Lean principles including fully utilising people's talents, skills & knowledge, and reducing waste from defects, overproduction, transportation, motion, over-processing, and unnecessary waiting times.

Students undertake some learning with discipline-specific colleagues before moving into a multidisciplinary environment with frequent interaction between professionals. This programme leads to employment with specialist contractors, general contractors, professional practices, and consultants from multiple disciplines. Over 95% of our graduates from the previous 6 runs of this programme have either gained relevant employment or have gained promotion within their respective organisations. The commencement of the Irish government's BIM mandate in Quarter1 of 2019 means that demand for the skills taught in this programme is and continues to very be high. The programme teaches market-leading software (including from Autodesk, Exactal, and Topcon).

Further details (subject to change due to ongoing review) at:

Why Choose This Course

The Postgraduate Certificate in BIM Technologies will equip you with skills that are in high demand in industry across areas of design, consultancy, and contracting in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) sector.

A search of Irish BIM jobs on LinkedIn at presents shows 488 results with almost 300 of these at entry or early stage level; these skills are also in high demand globally. Thus, this programme will enable you to find or improve your employment either in Ireland or abroad.

The programme is now delivered in ~90% online format with face-to-face sessions directly supporting peer-to-peer interaction and technology enabling activities.

This programme is delivered by an award-winning team (Irish Construction Excellence Awards - Construction Programme of the Year 2019), bringing together expertise from across Ireland's first Technological University, which has the broadest range of AEC-related teaching in the country from level 6 apprenticeships to doctoral level.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of TU Dublin's BIM programmes find employment across Ireland's top 10 and top 50 construction companies, with SMEs, and the public sector.

This programme leads to employment with specialist contractors, general contractors, professional practices, and consultants from multiple disciplines in roles such as BIM Co-ordinator, BIM Manager, and BIM Information Manager.

At present all of these roles are in extremely high demand in Ireland and abroad.

The Irish Jobs 2020 Salary Survey shows BIM Co-ordinators as earning between €40-65K (

Timetable Info

Runs Monday and Wednesday evenings from 18:00-21:00 with additional asynchronous directed and self-directed learning outside of these times.
Students should plan to assign ~10-14 hours per week for study (which includes the scheduled class times) during the two 15-week semesters.

Delivery Location

Bolton Street campus (limited ~10% envisaged due to COVID-19 although this may increase as restrictions in Ireland change)
Virtual - using the Brightspace VLE plus Autodesk BIM 360

Delivery Notes

Blended - due to COVID-19, this programme will be delivered via mostly virtual methods with some face-to-face sessions (when safety can be guaranteed) to ensure that:

1. student technology is appropriately set up;
2. students are familiar with learning, teaching and assessment methods; and
3. the learning community is established and functioning well.

Because of the move to increased virtual delivery, students will be required to own or have significant access to a PC or laptop that meets the specifications identified for Revit 2021 - Value

Students will experience difficulty completing all elements of the programme if they have a PC/laptop with any lower specification.
Discounts for IT purchases are available to registered students via:

TU Dublin is also examining the option of providing Software-as-as-Service options for student but the demands of this programme are such that a non-cloud-based solution is recommended for better performance (even if TU Dublin implements SaaS).

Admissions Contact Details
Contact Person

Lauren Brown


Rathdown House,
Room RD002,
Grangegorman Lower,
D07 X8R6


(01) 402 3445


RPL Information

RPL information is available at:

Application Procedures

All applications must be made via this website

All accompanying documentation must be submitted at the time of application. Failure to supply all required materials will disqualify candidates from consideration.

Please read all requirements carefully.

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