Postgraduate Certificate in Healthcare Innovation (March 2021)

Trinity College Dublin (TBC)
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Postgraduate Certificate in Healthcare Innovation

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Level 9 About NFQ

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Online, Blended


Part Time

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Tangent Trinity's Ideas Workspace

General Information

Jane Flanagan



086 0320487


Tangent, Trinity's Ideas Workspace
Trinity Campus,
Trinity College Dublin,
Dublin 2


Student Recruitment Officer

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About this Course

If you are a healthcare professional or interested in working in this sector and are seeking to acquire skills in innovation and intrapreneurship in preparation for a changing healthcare landscape, this programme is ideally suited to you. Evidence suggests that innovation in healthcare delivery results in more-convenient, more effective, and less-expensive treatments. The course will equip you with key skills such as critical thinking, empathy, design and creative collaboration that will enable you to become a future healthcare innovator.

Working in a group environment, you will identify opportunities for innovation that can positively impact healthcare products, services, policies and processes. You will be exposed to theories and frameworks and learn how these can be applied to achieve new approaches to working that can contribute to improved outcomes for patients and reduced costs in the delivery of healthcare. Throughout the course, you will experience and engage with entrepreneurs, business leaders and industry mentors in an online classroom environment.


Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

• Investigate a diverse range of innovation-related topics in healthcare
• Develop and assess innovation opportunities in a variety of healthcare contexts
• Communicate and interact with multiple stakeholders in different settings
• Evaluate the process involved in bringing an idea through to implementation
• Critique the commercial, social, ethical, political and cultural value associated with healthcare innovation

Entry Requirements

Recognised NFQ Level 8 Degree; 2.1 grade or higher. Applicants MUST state their highest level of qualification.
(Candidates who hold degrees from an institution outside Ireland must also supply a Level 8 comparability statement from NARIC.

Applications are encouraged from individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Applicants who do not meet the minimum entry requirements may still be considered if they can demonstrate their suitability for the course based on recognition of prior learning (RPL) under Trinity’s RPL policy and procedures.

Places on this course are limited so early application is encouraged.

1. Level 8 Honours Degree with 2.1 grade or higher
2. Statement of interest (500 words approximately)
3. Current CV
4. Evidence of HEA funding eligibility
5. Reference 1 (Academic or Professional)
6. Reference 2 (Professional)

Long Description

Innovation 2020 outlines the rationale for government investment in innovation as developing a competitive knowledge-based economy and society that drives innovation in enterprise and develops talent. Within this, Health & Wellbeing is articulated as a key focus area spanning Connected Health, Independent Living, Medical Devices, Diagnostics and Therapeutics. Rapidly evolving technologies, an ageing demographic and economic challenges are expected to dramatically impact healthcare provision and patient experience in the future. Advances in digital technology are likely to present new opportunities for innovation in healthcare. It is essential that creative approaches to healthcare administration and delivery are considered and those pioneering new innovations are supported. This course aims to provide participants with key skills such as Critical Thinking, Empathy, Design and Creative Collaboration that will enable them to become future healthcare innovators. The primary audience for this programme are healthcare professionals; frontline and administrative both in clinical and community settings who wish to develop innovation and intrapreneurship skills in preparation for the future-workplace. Specifically, the programme aims to introduce healthcare professionals to theories and processes of innovation, empowering opportunity identification and enabling enterprise development. It will inspire an entrepreneurial mindset in participants which will in turn foster a culture of innovation within their respective organisations and institutions. It is expected that this will contribute to an enhanced innovative culture in the healthcare sector which will ultimately lead to the design and delivery of new products, services and policies.

Why Choose This Course

Do you envisage a future where new ways of working offer enhanced efficiencies, higher levels of service and improved patient experience in healthcare? Are you ready to embrace new skills and innovative ways of thinking to improve Ireland’s healthcare delivery and your area of work? Do you want to help drive a culture of innovation that provides a platform for continuous improvements into the future?

This course offers an opportunity for you to put your ideas into action, help lead the charge and drive innovation in healthcare delivery. Applications are encouraged from healthcare professionals ranging from frontline and administrative, both in clinical and community settings. The course is also suitable for those working in the healthcare industry who supply goods and services to treat patients, support healthcare professionals and meet the healthcare needs of Ireland’s population.

This course not only equips you with the skills to make an impact, you will also gain:

• access to leading academics and to a world-class entrepreneurial community

• exclusive networking opportunities with regular guest talks from industry leaders, masterclasses, and events.

“Rapidly evolving technologies, an ageing population, and economic challenges will have a dramatic impact on healthcare in the future. This course is designed to help identify, generate and exploit new opportunities and drive a culture of innovation in healthcare.”
Dr Dan Rogers, Head of Education, Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace

“At a national level, we often think of innovation being brought into the healthcare system from outside. But more importantly, there is a need to foster and build innovation from within the healthcare delivery sector and to create ambassadors for continuous innovation into the future.”
Prof Dan Maher, Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin

Timetable Info

This part-time course will take place two days a week; Friday & Saturday. Class times TBC. The course is scheduled to commence on the 26th March and run to 24 July 2021.

Students on this course will take 3 x 10ECTS modules to achieve the Level 9 Postgraduate Certificate.

Delivery Location

This course will be delivered online using Blackboard, Trinity's Virtual Learning System. We will continue to review government guidelines and restrictions and notify all students if this changes.
Throughout the course, a strong focus is placed on experiential and action-focused learning on the programme, which is taught via a combination of masterclasses, workshops and project-based learning.

Delivery Notes

This course will take place online as per government guidelines and Trinity directives regarding social distancing. All students will be expected to have access to a laptop or PC, a working webcam and access to the internet. The last weekend of Module 3 will take place in person in Tangent, Trinity's Ideas Workspace, providing it is safe to do so.

Admissions Contact Details
Contact Person

Jane Flanagan


Tangent, Trinity's Ideas Workspace
Trinity Business School
Trinity Campus,
Dublin 2


086 0320487


RPL Information

Applicants who do not meet the minimum entry requirements may still be considered if they can demonstrate their suitability for the course based on recognition of prior learning (RPL) under Trinity’s RPL policy and procedures.

Application Procedures

Application procedures: ONLINE ONLY via the SPRINGBOARD WEBSITE
Application Deadline: 18/02/2021

In order for your application to be considered for this programme, applicants must upload ALL relevant documents in the following five categories:

1. Copy of completed Level 8 degree transcript with 2.1 grade or higher. For those with international qualifications please refer to NARIC regarding equivalence to a level 8 qualification.

2. Statement of Interest (approx 500 words)

3. Curriculum Vitae (2 pages max)

4. Proof of HEA Springboard eligibility: please refer to - Queries regarding eligibility should be directed in the first instance to HEA Springboard;

5. Two written references, academic or professional under the following headings: 1. What capacity do you know the individual 2. Can you recommend their suitability for the course Postgraduate Certificate in Healthcare Innovation. References should be on headed paper with relevant contact details.
All documentation must be submitted via the Springboard application portal.

Due to the high volume of applications for this programme, we regret that we are unable to provide detailed feedback on a per applicant basis.
Applicants are assessed in the first instance on the information provided on the Springboard Application Portal – no additional documentation will be passed to the selection committee for consideration.

Following consideration of all applications the selection committee will make one of the following recommendations:
- That you are to be called for interview.
- That you are to be offered a place.
- That your name is to be put on a waiting list.
- That your application has been unsuccessful.

Due to the time required to assess each application, it may be several weeks from the time of application before you are notified of a decision.

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application through their Springboard portal. Applicants who are offered a place will be requested to confirm their acceptance in line with the Springboard regulations to secure the place.
Please be aware that the Springboard application process is a competitive one and that interviews and/or offers are not guaranteed.
Please note, upon registration students are required to pay the €8 USI levy.