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Springboard+ 2017: Call to Higher Education providers for course proposals

Eligibility Extended to additional target groups.

A call for new programmes for Springboard+ 2017 is being issued today. A number of changes have been made to the programme this year including expanding the target groups. While jobseekers will continue to avail of the opportunities under Springboard+,

  • All courses will now be available to Homemakers
  • In addition courses in the bio-pharma and medical devices sector are now open to people who wish to upskill in this sector, or reskill from their current sector into the bio-pharma / medical devices sector irrespective of their current employment status.
  • Finally ICT Level 7 graduates will be able to upskill to a Level 8 ICT qualification, irrespective of their employment status.

Springboard+ continues to be open to both public and private higher education institutions and the deadline for submissions is 13.00hrs on Friday 24th March 2017. Detailed information on the process for 2017 is available in this document.